Saturday, October 4, 2014

Why Do Grown Women Have Sex With Teenage Boys?

The sad, sad faces of soon-to-be former teachers Rachel Respess (left) and Shelley Dufresne (right) at their police bookings for unlawful carnal knowledge of a minor.  The two women are accused of having three-way sex with a 16-year-old boy back in September.  Dufresne is a married mother of three children, for now.  Why did they do it?

Remember when people used to wonder how grown men could so cavalierly throw away their careers, their marriages, their very lives, in exchange for the sexual attention of teenage girls?

At one time, this seemed like an exclusively male problem, did it not?

Well, not anymore.  In recent years we have witnessed a relentless march of one woman after another, entrusted with the virtue of our young male population, and betraying that trust at every turn.

The latest two female perpetrators are Rachel Respess (24) and Shelley Dufresne (32) both teachers at Destrehan High School in a suburb of New Orleans, Louisiana.

The two women are alleged to have enjoyed a threesome with a Destrehan High football player after a game on September 12.  Apparently, the brazen hussies also videotaped the encounter, so they could remind themselves again and again how aging lionesses devour fresh young meat.  

Artist's rendering of Louisiana teacher devouring her victim.

Because the victim in this case was too young to give his consent, for all intents and purposes he was gang-raped by these much older, female aggressors.  

Of course, moments later he bragged about this assault to all of his friends, which soon led to the arrests of the teachers.

Questions Leap to Mind
The first major question that always appears when events like this happen is "Where were these teachers when I was in high school?"

The answer, if we're willing to accept it, is, "They were there all along.  They were just having sex with guys on the football team.  You were in the chess club."

Except I wasn't in the chess club, and there was no football team at my high school.  

Moving right along, the next question is: "How did the teachers not see this coming?"

Here's the thing.  Most adults cannot keep a secret.  They are not discreet, and are in fact incapable of discretion.  Knowing something creates a pressure in their mind, and if they don't share that something, the pressure will build until their heads explode.  

They alleviate the pressure by telling someone else what they know.  This process often takes an hour or even longer to play out.  And as the saying goes, "Once you tell one person, you have told everybody."

This is, in fact, how most crimes are solved.

Teenagers are much worse at keeping secrets than adults.  Teenage boys are worse than teenage girls.  And if the secret is something that might enhance the status of that boy amongst his peers?  Look out.  

The charges against these women carry a maximum penalty of 17 years (!) in prison.  Somehow, it never occurred to them that their crime would ever see the light of day.  See, because their victim was going to play along and keep it a secret.

They staked their careers, their freedom, their futures, their pensions, their health insurance, their standing in the community, Dufresne's marriage, her relationship with her children, all on the slim hope that a 16-year-old boy was going to keep his mouth shut.  

How could they possibly do this?

The Painful Truth

The painful truth is the teachers lost their minds.  The urge to fornicate is much older, and much stronger, than the urge to... what?  I forgot.  Think, I guess.  Or whatever.  

Combine that with the fact that a lot of high school football players tend to look like this: 

Meanwhile, a lot of 30-something hubbies have already started looking like this:

The Louisiana threesome situation is simply a case of two women who lost control.  Things at home were unsatisfying, they spent their days around hyper-masculine teens, and they went crazy with lust.  

In fact, now that Shelley Dufresne is out on bail, she is being treated for unspecified "mental health problems."  Trips to her mental health counselor are one of the few reasons she is currently allowed to leave her home.  

This being Louisiana, she's also allowed to go to church.  I guess so she can be saved and repent and all that good stuff.  

She can find God, and she can go nuts, but it's probably not going to help much.  She won't do 17 years, but if earlier offenders like her are any indication, I'll bet she does 4 or 5, and will have to register as a sex offender for a decade after that.  Teaching again is out of the question.  

It's a story as old as civilization.  Like a modern Ulysses, she (and Respess) were lured onto the rocks and destroyed by the sweet song of the Siren, in this case a muscled-up jock.  

I guess we're learning it isn't a man-only problem.    
Rachel Respess all dolled up with an unidentified male.  Is this youth the assault victim?  He sure looks like someone eager to tell us something.

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  1. Where were thes teachers when i was in school. And I was on the football team.

  2. This boy bragged about it, & yet according to LAW ENFORCERS who made these DUMB ASS laws he's suppose to be traumatized, OFFENDED by the offender. NO! You see, there is a BIG DIFFERENCE between boys & girls, yet, the law makes no dif bcs it wldnt be POLITICALLY CORRECT to say a teen boy wld make a TROPHY NIGHT out of an affair with a hot teacher. Naw, these dip shit politicians are too scared of loss votes to admit this is fact

  3. Based on what I've seen on LEGAL Nudist/Naturist websites, and what I've read about GMOs and hormones in meat, teenage boys that don't have to shave yet, who don't have a single hair on their chests...boys who still look like "kids" if they're wearing swim trunks...have genitals that have reached their full maturity.

    A grown man can be physically abusive and psychologically dominate in a relationship.

    Some women, knowing that many boys under 18 have adult-size penises before they can have a mustache, prefer the "best of both worlds". A kid that they can still be in control of but a well-equipped kid that can throw serious wood.

  4. Yes! That's what it's all about. Throwing serious wood at hot teachers. Somebody should make a movie out of that, or at the very least a music video.

  5. Theres a huge gap between a 13 year old and a 16 year old male. Either way as a male the only thing we think about is sex 13 we have no clue and should be classified as such but a 16 year old he's after one thing sex and bragging rights

  6. Ladies are rugged. We are human animals. Sometimes, we are in heat and we just want to f*ck! Just like men. Only men begin losing their testosterone/interest/abilty to please us at 30. Or 25. Whenever it is they start to get fat and think they know everything. Not condoning sex with 15 y.o. But 18? yes! Come here, baby. Talk to your mama.

  7. Teen guys are physically easier for an adult woman to control and to a woman who has experienced domestic abuse, a teen boy is ideal. Their overall bodies have a few years to grow to full height and weight.Long before the shoulders broaden and they have to shave, their penises have gotten as large as they're ever going to be. Some boys sexually develop too quickly for a girl their age to even WANT something like THAT inside of her, but an adult woman is by contrast readily accommodating.

  8. Nada. Lust is what we're doing here. A few other things, too, but that's probably the big one. Lust, baby. LUST. When I was 15, a 13-year-old girl masturbated me. I had just met her. People sometimes feel weird about this. I thought it was fine.

  9. Those poor women are gonna get 6-months, if that. I hate this racist & unjust ex-Country.

    Only read 2 articles from this pothead. But I already think she's pretty cool. I mean, she's alright. I guess.

    1. This is accurate. It was a country. Now it's an ex-country.