So here's the deal.  

SEXBOT is a novel I wrote years ago, to good sales and some critical acclaim.  Unlike what the title might suggest, this is not robot pornography.  

It is a futuristic thriller, in which the hero is a scientist who, just before she is murdered, downloads her awareness into a super advanced sex toy.  Now she is on the run from her killers, while seeking to solve and avenge her own murder.  

Let's just say it's fast-paced, light entertainment.

Now, the ebook version of SEXBOT is FREE, across all ebook platforms that I know of.  

If you want to check out the free version of SEXBOT, you can do that right now on any Big Brother megacorp website where you already love to shop for ebooks:

Google Play

Barnes & Noble

Apple Books

The caveat is that during a break in my busy writing schedule, I finally finished the sequel, which is called NINE LIVES.

When you read SEXBOT, there's a good chance you're going to want to read NINE LIVES as well.  That'll cost you, but probably nothing you can't afford.  You may enjoy yourself, and you will put a little money in Thee Optimist's pocket.

If anything, NINE LIVES is better than its predecessor.  I'm older now, and smarter.  I'm just better in every way.  Including as a writer.

It's weird.  Every year, I seem younger.  I'm bigger than I used to be, stronger, and faster.  My mind is much quicker, and more incisive.  I'm better looking.  Men age like fine wine.  


This story is another thriller, and follows on from the moment SEXBOT ends.  It delves deeper into the technology, including the impending explosion of artificial intelligence, and what it may mean for tiny little people like you and I.

It also explores the relative "above the law" impunity with which modern technology companies act.

It's good stuff.  I know you'll like it.  

I'm not going to put any links here because you should really read SEXBOT for free first.

Yeah.  I can be controlling.  You're not the first person to say that.  But it's good.  I mean well.

Read the books.

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