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After All These Years, Alex Chiu is Still Immortal

Alex Chiu has been selling his magnetic immortality rings online since the early days of the internet. He's still at it, and is staying young forever. 
Alex Chiu is immortal unless he dies because of an accident or murder.  He sells immortality rings, which he claims on his website are the "most important invention in human history." 

Interview by Brian Whitney

Brian Whitney:  Although you sell a few products, I imagine the one that sells the most is your Immortality Ring.  Can you tell me a little bit about how it works?  Does it actually make you immortal or does it just make you totally hot forever?

Alex Chiu:  Actually, I only sell what I invented plus a book I wrote. I sell the Immortality Rings, the Gorgeouspil powder, and my Super I-Ching book. 

The two magnetic rings on your small fingers function as a turbine which increases the whole body’s chi flow, thus increasing the healing process. So you heal faster than you age. Therefore, you stay young forever.

This invention cannot protect you from accidents or murder.

After you wear the rings, your body heals faster than it ages. The rings do protect you from most illnesses and diseases. So it would be harder for a person to get cancer or ulcer, etc.

A drawing of Alex Chiu Immortality Magnetic Rings, and how they are supposed to be worn.  A steal at $29.99 on Amazon.

A World Full of Beautiful Old People

BW:  What about the GorgeousPil? You say using it will help reach physical perfection. What does that mean to you?

AC:  The Immortality Rings themselves will increase your body’s healing. But it’s just not enough to cure handicaps or deformation of your body. So this is where Gorgeouspil came from.

BW:  On your website you talk about your philosophy about the future. Can you tell me a little bit about what you think will go down?

AC:  First, I actually want a one-world government which will enforce population control. So in the future you need to apply for a license in order to have a baby. The government will check the world’s capacity rate, which should be 500 million people in the whole world. 

If the world has more than 500 million people, then nobody is permitted to have kids. Special permission could be granted occasionally to people with special privilege. I understand some would argue if nobody is allowed to have kids then this world will be full of senior citizens. Then who has the energy to work? Not so if everybody wears my rings. If you wear the rings, you don’t age, remember?

Kevin Bacon in 1995 and 2013.  Is Kevin wearing the rings?

Money is a Swimming Pool

Second, I believe that there should be a limit on how much a person can earn. Every time a multimillionaire or a billionaire is created, tens of thousands of other people will become poorer. 

So money is not unlimited. Money is sort of like a swimming pool. If there is a giant monster that can suck up half of the water in a pool in one gulp, then there will be less water for everybody else to drink. So I think if we have a world government, we can set a cap on how much a person can earn.

Let’s say once you earned $75 million dollars, you need to quit what you are doing and sell your company to somebody else. I mean, seriously, $75 million is a lot of money. Who needs that kind of money to survive?

Alex Chiu is a man with ideas.

Recycling, Reincarnation, and Everything

Third, the one-world government should enforce a very strict law to protect wildlife and nature. We have to force everybody to recycle. We have to enforce a stricter recycling habit, like all Styrofoam must be crushed and reused and cannot be dumped into landfills. Ban cruelty to animals and stop people from selling fur or bear bile.

Basically, I know that there is reincarnation. I know nobody can truly live forever because one day something will happen to you and you will simply wait to be reincarnated and come back to Earth. 

I want to keep this Earth clean so the next time I come I will have a pleasant and easy life. I don’t want to reincarnate back into an Earth that has thirty billion people that pretty much all live in small cages like those poor people of Hong Kong.

Hong Kong is crowded with people.  Alex Chiu does not want to reincarnate to Hong Kong, or anywhere like it.

Alicia Silverstone is Still Very Pretty

BW:  You say on your website “Alicia Silverstone is so beautiful.  She is the example of a perfect human blend.  I shall endeavor to make everyone as beautiful as Alicia with my inventions.  My inventions are to help people reach perfection.”  Do you still consider her the perfect woman?

AC:  I basically don’t touch my website very much. I wrote that almost twenty years ago. But I keep it up there because I am a loyal guy and plus very traditional. I like to keep my website old school. But yeah she is still very pretty.

Alicia Silverstone in New York City, June 2018.  Twenty tears later, and much like a fine coffee, still the perfect human blend.

The Specter of FRAUD

BW:  You mentioned to me that you were arrested in 2010 and were on probation for three years. What was up with that?

AC:  In 2009, the postal police raided my house with a search warrant. Then in 2010 they charged me with ten federal felonies for six refunds that I did not issue. I must admit some of these refunds that I did not honor was my fault. 

I was offended when customers sent back the rings or foot braces claiming that I am a fraud, claiming that these rings cannot give them immortality. I was extremely insulted any time customers sent back the rings with an insulting note. So sometimes I just kept their money. But I got into trouble for that. So I got arrested, plead guilty, got fined $10,000 and three years’ probation.

Basically this is a very tough field. Everybody picks on people who are in alternative medicine. Most people think alternative medicine is a huge fraud. 

Small guys like me can never receive an FDA approval because each approval from beginning to finish would cost nearly thirty million dollars and would take many years. Only huge drug companies can apply for an FDA approval. And most people think if you are not approved by the FDA and not recommended by doctors, then you are a fraud.

People have accused Alex of FRAUD.  Why would they do that?

I have high school kids calling me all the time to mock me. What I hate the most about this business is to hear young people, fourteen- to twenty-some-years-old, mocking me for creating an amazing and useful invention. These kids are even more close-minded than their grandpas. Which really makes me very sad and disgusted.

And just a year ago they sent Kevin Trudeau to prison again. Now he is serving ten years behind bars, all for writing a book teaching people how to lose weight. When I was arrested I told myself, I don’t want to end up like Kevin Trudeau, getting fined $38 million dollars by the FCC and get tossed in prison for ten years. 

So recently, I began maintaining a very low profile. I no longer promote my website. Because I fear if I became too famous again, then these people will be after me again.

Snake oil salesman Kevin Trudeau, currently serving 10 years in federal prison for criminal contempt.  Kevin was an early supporter of Alex Chiu's Immortality Rings.

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