Monday, May 16, 2022

I Have the Buffalo Shooter's Manifesto

This is 18-year-old Payton Gendron, the young man who killed 10 people at a Buffalo supermarket on Saturday.  He chose this image, posing with a Bushmaster XM-15 rifle, to portray himself in the 180-page manifesto he posted online.  I have the manifesto and will give it to you, if you want.

No one describes Payton Gendron as a normal 18-year-old.

People who have known him his entire life describe him as a "shy kid" and a "quiet kid."  A Myers-Briggs personality test that he took and posted as part of his manifesto, rates him as 100% introverted.  That's about as normal as it gets with him.

But it does get weirder.  In the spring of 2021, he wore a full hazmat suit to high school for five days, apparently to make a statement about Covid safety protocols.  

Also that spring, he was admitted to a mental hospital for about 36 hours, after making statements suggesting he would like to shoot up his school, and had the means to do so.

This past Saturday, he drove about 200 miles from his parents' home in Conklin, New York (a suburb of Binghamton), to a predominately black neighborhood in Buffalo, New York, with the hopes of massacring black people.  

He picked that specific neighborhood after careful research - it has the highest proportion of black people in any neighborhood in New York State, outside of New York City.

He did this because he believes in what is known as "Replacement Theory," namely, that a secret cabal of Jews is importing minorities into the United States, in order to water down and replace the white majority already living here.

If this sounds familiar, it's because FOX News host Tucker Carlson nibbles around these ideas nearly every night.  Dan Patrick, the Lieutenant Governor of Texas, has made similar statements.  And so has Matt Gaetz, US Congressman from Florida, currently under investigation for sex trafficking of minors.  

White supremacist attendees at the "Unite the Right" rally in Charlottesville, Virginia in August of 2017 were filmed chanting, "You will not replace us!  Jews will not replace us!"

Gendron's manifesto digs deep into his hatred of Jews.  He doesn't like black people, and thinks they should go back to Africa.  But he really, really hates Jews.  He hates them so much that a casual reader of his manifesto might wonder why he didn't attack a synagogue instead.  

Much of the rest of the manifesto is taken up with in-depth plans for his attack, including his choice of weapon (an AR-15 variant, naturally, as night follows day), his reasoning for the specific supermarket he attacked, and his plans for managing the attack and responses to it. 

In particular, he had a map of the supermarket.  He knew there would be an armed security guard on duty near the door, and he knew it was likely this person would shoot him.  Which was why he was wearing heavy body armor.  

The guard did shoot him, but it had no effect because of the armor.  Then he shot and killed the guard.  Payton Gendron is a bright boy who can anticipate things before they happen.

And why, exactly, do I want to give you his manifesto?

Payton Gendron, in a paper smock, being arraigned before a judge on 10 counts of murder and various other charges.  In his manifesto, he said he hoped to survive the attack, and if he did, he would plead guilty.  He pled not guilty. 

No One is Going to Tell You

Soon after I received the manifesto, I uploaded it to my Google Drive, which I figured would be a convenient way of sharing it with interested parties.  I do this kind of thing fairly regularly.

The original file was quite large, making it hard to email.

Before the file had finished uploading, Google had already flagged it for "abuse."  I use my Google Drive too often to have it suspended.  So I took the file back down again.

I run into this sort of thing a little bit.  Once, I was sending some money via Paypal, and in the comment section, I made a joke about Vladimir Putin.  

Paypal froze my account for 24 hours.  They gave me access to my money after concluding their "investigation," whatever that might have been.

Once, I was coming into JFK Airport from outside the country.  As I came through customs, the guard there swiped the bar code on my passport.  A whole passage of information suddenly appeared on his computer screen, which he turned away from me.

"What's it say about me on there?" I asked.  

He shook his head.  "Oh, I can't tell you that."

Yes, I have a witness that this happened.  

In any event, the point of having the manifesto, and sharing it, is that it's going to disappear.  They are going to erase it.  And they shouldn't.  

No, not just because of free speech, although that's part of it.  I recognize that Google and Microsoft and Facebook and whatever else MegaCorp media companies are private entities, so the right to free speech does not apply to the platforms they control.  

And no, I have no sympathy for Payton Gendron's point-of-view.  Quite the opposite.  I believe he is a bright but disturbed kid, who was impressionable and led badly astray.  As a result, he ended up doing an evil thing.

His actions were pre-meditated.  If there was a death penalty in New York State, I would be in favor of him receiving it.

The reason I think you should see the manifesto is no one in the media is going to tell you what's actually in it.  They are going to give you hints, but you won't know more than that.

Then, in a few days, it will go away, and in a week or two, another mass shooting will occur.

If we want to ever find a way to put a stop to this behavior, we need to know EXACTLY what these people are thinking, and why.  We need to know, by name, the people who feed them these ideas. 

And we need to know the extent of the ideas themselves.  I promise that the average "normie" American reading this would be astonished by the content of Payton Gendron's manifesto.  But all you'll read in the newspapers is that he was a racist, and he believed in Replacement Theory.

It's not enough.  

If the ideas are insane, and we have better ideas, then regular citizens should know what the ideas are.  Hiding things like this away is the wrong approach.  It doesn't stop the other crazies from getting their hands on it. 

If I have it, they have it.  They're more motivated than I am.

None of the cloud services I use are going to let me post this thing online.  If you want it, drop me a message with an email address.  I'll send it to you. 

Words of Wisdom

"Guns make losers feel like winners.  That's why people who suck at life don't want to give up their guns."

- Oliver Markus Malloy


  1. Can you post an email where people can send you email, to request the manifesto?

    1. If you click on About Mee at the top, and scroll down that page, there is a contact form below the typewriter.