Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Obama Livens Up Boring Mandela Memorial, Gets Smack Down

From left to right, David Cameron, Prime Minister of England, lovely Helle Thorning Schmidt, Prime Minister of Denmark, and President Barack Obama cheese it up with a group selfie at Nelson Mandela's otherwise boring and rather cheerless death event.  Mrs. Obama was not pleased.
Let's face it, funerals are boring.

Some guy you didn't really know, who was A LOT older than you, died.  He was sick for a long time, he was old, it was time to give up the ship.  And now you kind of have to go to the service because everybody else is going, and it's expected of you to at least show your face at this thing.  You don't want to be there, that much is sure.

So you go, and there's all the usual speeches about how great so-and-so was, and how everybody loved him so much, and all the supposedly funny and great things he said and did, which were probably funny and great in 1978 or something, but are pretty corny now.

Endless.  But does that mean you have to have a boring, shitty time?

I don't think so.  And neither does Barack Obama.  "Listen, we're stuck here, but we're not the ones who died, you know what I'm saying?"

In fact, Obama was having such a good time at the service for Nelson Mandela, that it might have been slightly too good.  It seems like his mating dance with Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning Schmidt may have got him in hot water with the wife.

Obama and the sweet saucy Danish, Helle Thorning Schmidt (left), get a little too flirty for Michelle Obama's tastes (right).  
Michelle, to her credit, was swift to step in and shut that shit down.  Give these homewrecker bitches an inch, and they'll take the whole damn thing.  She gave Obama the icy, "We'll talk about this later," stare, probably combined with a few, well-timed, cutting remarks.

That put Obama in check real fast. 

Right, right.  This is a funeral.  Somebody died. 

Word has it the President will be sleeping in the Lincoln Bedroom and getting involved in several home improvement projects back at the White House for the next couple of weeks.