Saturday, January 12, 2019

In America, White People Are Doing the Right Thing

Gaze upon this lovely, glowing white person.  Now say bye-bye.

As you know, white people tend to take a lot of heat, often for things they didn't do.

Take slavery in the Americas, for example.  Yes, in the aggregate, "white people" were responsible for slavery.  But which white people?  Long dead white people from the past, that's who, not modern now white people.

Do you think modern white people could sail to Africa (on ships without motors, TV sets, or indoor plumbing, by the way), subdue and enslave millions of strangers, and then drag them back here in chains?  

Sorry.  We just don't have that kind of stamina.  I don't know if you've noticed, but we're all on disability right now.  I keep a walker in my car in case I suspect someone from the insurance company is watching me.

In any event, just personally speaking, Thee Optimist has no relationship to slavery in the Americas, and precious little love for white people as a whole.  

Indeed, my own beautiful white ancestors have spent the past 800 years trying to fight off, and sometimes getting annihilated by, a much larger group of invasive, bloodthirsty white people.

But we're here to talk about well-meaning white people, and the very good thing they are doing.

Bicycle mechanics, mad geniuses, and lunatic daredevils Orville and Wilbur Wright, during the first heavier-than-air, powered human flight, December 17, 1903, Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina.  Orville is at the controls, Wilbur running alongside.  Next time you fly to Barbados, spare a thought for who got you there - a couple of white guys.

White People Are Disappearing

White people tend to take the lead on things.  They just get out in front, and make shit happen.  And then everybody else follows along.

Orville and Wilbur Wright come to mind.  Albert Einstein.  Isaac Newton.  Elvis Pres... well, not Elvis so much.

Here's yet another thing white people, at least here in the United States, are taking the lead on.  They are gradually going away.  Dissipating.  Disappearing.

This is a good thing.  The Earth needs a little break from us.  She needs people to go away, preferably with a minimum of human-sponsored violence.  

And white people are answering the call.

Since 2016, for the first time since white people set foot on these golden shores, the number of white people in the United States has been in decline.  

I don't mean white people as a percentage of the entire population as a whole - that number has been in decline for some time.  I mean, the absolute number of white people.  In 2016, the number of white people declined by 9,400 people.  In 2017, it declined by more than 31,000 people.

This is real.  The Brookings Institution says so.  Click for a better view.

Is It Fast Enough?

Already I can hear the haters out there:

"Well, those are not very large declines.  These drops are well less than 1%.  Can't white people go any faster?"

The thing to keep in mind is that the declines are ahead of schedule.  Even as recently as March of last year, the United States Census Bureau was still predicting modest increases in the white population through 2024.  But crunching the data, they discovered that the declines had already begun.

True to form, white people are out of the gate early and surpassing expectations.  From here, white people will go into overdrive, aging out, not multiplying, not pumping out little grommets to get underfoot, and really just going away before anyone imagined they would.  

White people are still predicted by the Census Bureau to be the largest single ethnic group in the US for generations to come (although, if you're white, you are well aware that "white people" are hardly a unified, unvariegated mass - shhhh, don't tell nobody).

However, they were predicted to be less than 50% of the population by 2045.  Those figures will now have to be re-visited.  It is going to happen long before then.  Already, white children younger than 10 are at less than 50%.  

These numbers are moving fast, and they are going to accelerate.

Sometimes, nothing more needs to be said.

What About Everybody Else?

This is a complicated question.  

Naturally, the best course of action, for the Earth, but also for everybody, would be for other races to follow the lead of the whites, and begin to disappear as well.  

The Voluntary Human Extinction Movement, although started by a white man, welcomes people of all races and creeds, and invites them to die off in a gradual, relaxing, and non-violent manner.

However, current trends suggest that in the foreseeable future, other groups in the United States will not start to die off.  Instead, they will continue to increase.  

In 2050, the US population is projected to be around 438 million, up from around 300 million at the start of the century.

This growth is projected to come from all groups other than whites - black people, Asian people, Native Americans, people of mixed races, and of course, Hispanic people.

Hispanic people in the United States have been enjoying a relentless upward population march, from about 9.6 million people in 1970, to just under 60 million people today.  

Hispanics currently make up about 18% of the population.  By 2060, they are projected to be about one-third of the population, nearly equal with white people, who by then will be in terminal, likely irreversible decline.

If current trends continue, it is possible that by 2060, numerous states across the southern tier of the United States - places like Florida, Georgia, Texas, Arizona and New Mexico - will have majority Hispanic populations.

Gasp!  What will declining white people do in that case?

Learn how to speak Spanish, probably.

Quick Spanish lesson:  the unhappy cat is saying, "Please kill me."

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