Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Come Fly With Thee

Sexbot author Patrick Quinlan in a blue shirt and headset, giving the thumbs up in a helicopter cockpit near Sarasota Florida
Thee Optimist in the cockpit, giving the thumbs up.  All systems go.  Welcome to the blog post where Thee Optimist simply uploads GoPro (knockoff) video of a recent helicopter ride, for your viewing enjoyment.

There is a lot going on in the world today, most of it bad.  

If you're like Thee Optimist, you've more or less given up.  In the larger world, nothing good will ever happen again, we're all in a state of permanent and terminal decline, and the next disaster is right around the corner.

Might as well do something we enjoy.  And then post a few videos for people to look at.  

In that spirit, below are some videos of a recent helicopter ride Thee Optimist took over the beaches and nearby environs of Sarasota, Florida.  It is a lovely area, when seen from the air.  

The videos are quite brief, and I will give an even briefer description of each.  

There is a story about Dan Quayle, when he was vice president of the United States under the original George Bush.  At one point, a reporter asked him if he had been briefed about something or other that was going on.

"Briefed?" he said.  "No, I wasn't briefed.  Well, I was briefly briefed."

I will briefly brief you about each brief video.

This is the Robinson R44 helicopter, manufactured in California.  It is a popular helicopter, flown by police, news stations, militaries and sight seeing companies the world over.  It is the one we will be flying.  It is like being inside a large toy.

Note Well: You may have to click on each video twice to get it to work.  You can maximize each video (by clicking the square at the bottom right) so that it takes up your whole screen.  

This is a good thing to do.  The GoPro (knockoff) camera technology wants to be shown on a larger scale.

Take Off

The inside of a smallish helicopter feels not in the least bit like a stable place, that is solid and secure.  No.  It feels like being inside a bathtub toy right before a spoiled small child throws it at his mom. 

This very brief video of the chopper revving may give you a sense of that:

In the video below, shot seconds later, the helicopter takes off from the local aviation hangars at the back of Sarasota International Airport.  Then it flies over the northern reaches of the city, enroute to the Gulf of Mexico.

Sarasota Beaches  

In the videos below, the chopper flies over a beach area nearby to Sarasota, namely Longboat Key.  

Near the end of the video, we pass over what is known as "Mansion Row," where several enormous mansions of anonymous rich people front the Gulf of Mexico.

Sarasota Skyline

In the video below, the chopper approaches, and then flies over, the skyscrapers of downtown Sarasota.

Words of Wisdom

 "Helicopters don't fly, they vibrate so badly that the ground rejects them."

- Tom Clancy

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