Thursday, February 13, 2014

Something FREE For You to Haz

This is the cover to the ebook version of my novel, The Hit.  The ebook is a FREE download on Kindle this weekend, February 15 and 16.

So you guys have been coming to this blog in your hundreds every day, and I appreciate that a lot. 

You don't really leave comments in the comments section at the bottom, and that kind of bums me out.  But I understand that's my fault and not yours.  One day, when I've mastered internet mind control techniques, you'll all be commenting as if your very life depended on it.  

Later, you'll be surprised that you left that comment, and you'll feel a little bit embarrassed by it.  Kind of like back in the day, when you'd get so drunk at night that the next morning, you'd live in dread of finding out what you did.  

Remember those times?  Sure you do.

In any case, my point is that I appreciate you coming here and reading this blog.  I write it for you.  Because you're beautiful.  And you're smart.  And you're witty.  And charming.  

So I thought I'd let you know about something FREE that you can have, no strings attached.  If you're a Kindle person, you can download my novel The Hit for free all this coming weekend, February 15 and February 16.

Call it a little belated Valentimes present from me to you.

If you're in the UK, you can download the ebook here:

The Hit UK

If you're in the USA, you can download the ebook here:

The Hit USA

If you're in Canada, you don't read my books, so I won't bother to put the link here.  Why, motherfuckers?  Why?

By the way, did you notice that?  It went by quick, so look again.  I know where the vast majority of readers of this blog come from.  I know who reads my books.  If a Little Brother like me knows this, can you imagine what BIG BROTHER knows about you?  


Okay, moving on.  Let me tell you a little about the book.  I wrote it mostly in 2008, and I finished it in 2009.  It got pretty good reviews, and shipped tens of thousands of copies upon its release.  

Yeah, I know.  Not exactly Harry Potter-type numbers, but we'll take it. 

It's the story of two inept bounty hunters trying to track down a fugitive micro-biologist.  All of this is set against the slow-motion collapse of Western society.  The micro-biologist has been hired to help carry out a bio-terror attack that will kill thousands of poor and nearly starving people on a Caribbean island.   

I wrote the book at a dark moment.  Western economies in fact seemed to be collapsing at the time.  And my marriage was definitely collapsing.  

Things were so tense in my life during the writing of this book, that I did what any brave person would do in similar circumstances.  I ran away and went sailing in the Caribbean.

I only mention this because the book ends in a storm at sea.  And I was worried about the writing of that scene, because I had never actually been in a storm at sea.    

So I was island-hopping through the Caribbean with great old friends on a 49-foot sailboat, fretting about my life unraveling, and this book coming due to the publishing house, and you know, an old knee injury was bothering me a lot, and youth was ending, and back home the economy was tanking, and of course the ever-present money, money, money drumbeat that's a constant in so many lives.

Then lo and behold, suddenly we got caught in a terrible storm at sea.  It was so violent that for a while, we really didn't think we were going to make it.  The sky was black.  The water was white with foam.  The rain beat down.  The waves were HUGE.  

The boat was slapped over on its side so many times...  well, you know that feeling when you're lying on the floor, because you fell down, and then the floor is sort of next to you, more like a wall?  And below you is sort of nothing but an involuntary slide into the roiling ocean?  

Yeah, like that.  At one point, I looked back at the dinghy which trailed behind the boat, and it was flying in the air, at the end of its tether, like a flag. 

The dinghy was eight feet long, made of wood.  It had a small outboard motor attached.  In other words, it was heavy.  And it was flying.  

After the storm was over, and we were still alive, and we pulled into port, I had my storm at sea scene.  So now there was one less thing to worry about.     

I guess that's how we take 'em - one thing at a time.

Read the book, eh?  It's free.  If you hate it, then just put it down and forget about it.  It didn't cost you a dime.

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