Monday, February 17, 2014

Kim Kardashian, Dr. Phil, Weigh in on Bruce Jenner Sex Change Rumors

Oh, the humanity.  Bruce Jenner appearing in public after having surgery to reduce the size of his Adam's Apple.  Critics have suggested the sudden appearance of man boobs, or "moobs," under Bruce's shirt means he is in the process of undergoing a sex change.  

Doesn't this man didn't have enough on his mind? 

Bruce Jenner, one time gold medalist in the Olympic decathlon, recently had plastic surgery.  The procedure he had is called Chondrolaryngoplasty, and it reduces the size of a man's Adam's Apple, usually in preparation for sexual reassignment surgery.  

For Bruce's part, while he doesn't deny having the surgery, he does deny wanting to become a woman.

"I just never liked my trachea," he has said.

For some people, this explanation just isn't good enough.  One such person is famous celebrity sex tape star Kim Kardashian, who is also Bruce's step-daughter.  

"Kim is fed up over having to field questions about Bruce wanting to be a woman," a source close to the situation reported. "She thinks he’s trying to steal her thunder."

Kardashian plans to marry her fiance, former rap star Kanye West, in Paris this summer, and she’d much prefer to remain at the center of attention. "She can’t believe that Bruce can’t hold off until next year," the source added.

Kim Kardashian is no stranger to radical changes in appearance.  Looks like she had it nailed around 2009, but elected to keep going.  They always keep going.  Where we going from here, Kim?

Another celebrity know-it-all and professional Buttinsky to weigh in on the Bruce Jenner situation is America's favorite pop psychologist, Dr. Phil McGraw.  

McGraw, who is not a medical doctor and does not have a license to practice psychology, appeared on the TV show Inside Edition to talk about Jenner, as well as other pressing issues of the day.

"He looks to me to possibly be in transition," said Dr. Phil, ever mindful of the legal ramifications of stating anything directly, and nearly choking on a mouthful of qualifiers.  "People are saying, 'Wow, what a contrast.'" 

"What does that mean?" the host asked him.

"Is he wanting to transition from male to female?" Dr. Phil replied, answering a question with a question.
As if all that weren't ambiguous enough, Dr. Phil equivocated on.  "If he's wanting to move in that direction, I have no problem with that, if that's what he wants to do," he said.
Master of ambiguous statements, Dr. Phil McGraw.

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