Thursday, February 13, 2014

50 Fun Ways to Say Snatch

Ready?  Let's begin.

When I was in college, we had a professor who was from the South.  Alabama, Mississippi, who really knows?  I don't even remember what class she taught.

What I do remember was that she would encourage lively debate among the students about whatever the subject was that we were studying. 

Except, eventually all good things come to an end, and all classes run out of time.  At which point, the professor in question would bring the argument to an abrupt close by saying the following:

"Well, there must be 50 different ways to say snatch."

Which I guess is another way of saying "six of one, half dozen of another."

By now, I imagine you realize she wasn't talking about the Olympic powerlifting move called The Snatch, or about the way you steal a pocketbook from an old lady on the street.

No.  She was talking about the female sex organ, the vagina.  And naturally, her constant use of this phrase led to lively bouts of list-building among the more immature students, which was all of the students.     

It's been quite a while since college, but we really haven't matured all that much.  And it's Thursday, so except for keeping up appearances, the work week's over. 

Let's try it, shall we?  We've already got two, but we won't count them.  

Ready?  Steady.  Go!

50 Fun Ways to Say Snatch

1. Poom Poom

2. Boom Boom

3. Hooha

4. Hair Pie

5. Tunnel of Love

6. Lady Business

7. The Duchess

8. Lady Jane


10. Flower Pot

11. Banana Basket

12. Whisker Biscuit

13. Down There

14. Sausage Wallet

15. Fur Burger

16. Cooter

17. Coochie

18. Muff

19. Yum Yum

20. The Rug

21. Goodies

22. Jewel Box

23. Na Na

24. La La

25. Lady Garden

Halfway home, and we're not even breathing hard.  Let's keep pushing it. 

26. Snooch

27. South Mouth

28. Velvet Curtain

29. Vertical Smile

30. Hot Pocket

31. Happy Flappy


33. Love Cave

34. Man Trap

35. Beaver

36. Bearded Clam

37. Red Snapper

38. Pink Flower

39. Pussy

40. Kitty

41. Baby Chute


43. Wide Receiver

44. Poon Tang

45. Poonani

46. Mu Mu

47. Boo Boo

48. Spousehole

49. Spaghetti Junction

And last, but not least: 

50. The Unmentionable

Can you think of any I've forgotten?

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